2017 Luxury Gifting Guide For Him and Her by Montblanc

Top 10 Luxury Gifting Ideas for 2017 by Montblanc

Like every year, this Holiday Season is time of joy, generosity, and love. We were more than happy to join the festive feelings by launching #SeasonofGifting campaign on our Social Channels (Facebook and Instagram)and now we have this dedicated Montblanc Luxury Gifting Guide for 2017. Our team at Johnson Watch have handpicked a beautiful selection of luxurious personalised gifts which includes Montblanc Pen, Montblanc watches, accessories, leather goods and lot more, chosen carefully to please all your loved ones. Every individual category of gift have been curated considering various thoughts including budgets while still keeping luxury in mind. This collection bears the spirit of the festivities as well as weddings.

Gifting Ideas for Him

Montblanc Gift Ideas for him
Made by craftsmen for men of class, this set of gift make a perfect choice for making a man feel like gentlemen. Precision in making, that comes from the heritage that Montblanc carries, made from the finest materials that make distinctive gifts following are our handpicked luxury pieces that makes a perfect Gift for him.

  • Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Ballpoint Pen

    Montblanc Pen Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Ballpoint Pen
    Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Ballpoint Pen

    This writing instrument makes a perfect choice for a man who takes pride in writing and for him every stroke matters. The class is personified by its platinum coated detailing and black precious resin barrel surmounted by a white Montblanc Emblem.

  • Montblanc M cuff links

    Montblanc M cuff links
    Montblanc M cuff links

    Just like the trending contemporary fashion, these contemporary cuff links are perfect for a man who understands style and elegance. These rectangular cuff links made of brushed stainless steel with polished sides and the Montblanc engraving create a jewel that highlight one’s style and personality.

  • Montblanc Tradition Date Automatic

    Montblanc Watches Tradition Date Automatic
    Montblanc Watches Tradition Date Automatic

    The Montblanc Tradition Date Automatic Watch displays both a distinctive design expression as well as classic watchmaking technique. Its stainless steel case with red gold bezel with a domed sapphire glass make the design expresses classical watchmaking codes making it an apt choice for him. Montblanc Watches are one of the best choice for men.

  • Other Accessories

    Montblanc Accessories
    Montblanc Accessories

    The chosen few in the pick for Gift for Him includes a breathtakingly fresh, woody, aromatic scent that captures a virile, intense and textural freshness under the name Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette as a Perfume. It also includes rectangular framed, self adjustable Montblanc Belt, Iphone 7 Case and Meisterstück Soft Grain Document Case Slim.


Gifting Ideas for Her

Montblanc Gifting Ideas for her

To choose a gift that put a spell on her with something precious yet elegant is one of the toughest task. No matter how closely you know a woman, you will find it tough to choose a perfect gift for her. Still we have tried our best to choose from the rest, a luxurious set of gifting ideas for her.

  • Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique Ballpoint Pen

    Montblanc Pen Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique Ballpoint Pen
    Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique Ballpoint Pen

    Just like the serene beauty of a woman, Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique Pen compliments her in best possible ways. For a professional woman, a pen like this is an add on to her feminine appeal.  It is a pure, classical, white lacquered version of Montblanc’s design icon made of precious white lacquer and elegant platinum-coated detailing. Hence, its a perfect choice.

  • Classic pendant earrings 4810

    Montblanc Classic Silver Earring
    Montblanc Classic Silver Earring

    As sophisticated the brand and its emblem, these sterling silver earrings are perfect choice for a woman who still believes in it. Just like her, these represent the peak of beauty, artistry and femininity and hence, a perfect gifting choice.


  • Montblanc Bohème Date Automatic

    Montblanc Bohème Date Automatic Watch
    Montblanc Bohème Date Automatic Watch

    Combining the best of fine watchmaking with a distinctive feminine design, this watch makes a perfect choice for a woman who loves luxury and serenity. The elegant look as well as strong artistic build quality will certainly satisfy even the most refined tastes.


  • Other Accessories

    Montblanc Accessories for Woman
    Montblanc Accessories for Woman

    The list of gift for woman is a never ending process (No Offence). But still there are accessories we won’t miss. These include Fine Stationery Notebook #145 Mint, introduced by Montblanc as dedication to writing culture and the pleasure of writing. It represents brand’s signature and tradition for excellence as well as a contemporary spirit. Also, it is pocket size making it her perfect daily companion.
    Next is Sartorial Cosmetic Pouch, which is more of a necessity based gift and are always appreciated by woman. It is made of made of Italian split calfskin, jacquard lining and metal fittings made of solid brass with palladium coating. Legend pour Femme Eau de Parfum and Sartorial Wallet 6cc are other two.

    Where to get all this

    Johnson Watch Co have signature luxury boutique for Montblanc in New Delhi, NCR. Situated in Connaught Place, the Boutique carries the range and stock that no one possess. We don’t want our customers to ever wait after seeing the beautiful pieces and hence, it makes a perfect place to shop. Want to know more about Johnson Watch Co and their 6 decade old legacy? Read this blog here.

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