55 Years of the Heuer Carrera : Avant Garde Celebrates

In 1963, Jack Heuer launched the first motorsport chronograph watch: the Heuer Carrera. Always seen with visions of racecars and rallies: the Heuer Carrera is more intimately associated with auto racing than any other wrist watch. This year the luxury watch is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Since then, the Tag Heuer Watches have been known for their Heuer Carrera Collection.

heuer carrera


The Iconic Timepiece: Heuer Carrera by Tag Heuer Watches

The plan alone was bound to set new benchmarks. The watch world had never observed a dial as current, as flawlessly conceivable and as promptly decipherable as the substance of the Carrera. Jack Heuer, who was in charge of the model’s plan, depended on moderation to accomplish this lucidity. “We disposed of all inessential additional subdivisions, which brought about a thoroughly clear, clean and elaborately unadulterated dial.”


TAG Heuer Carrera 1963

Another specialized development incited him to consider a thought that nobody had ever envisioned previously. The development was the inside strain ring, which guaranteed great water tightness by keeping the Plexiglas precious stone solidly squeezed against the mass of the case. Jack Heuer had the fifths-of-a-moment scale imprinted within incline of this pressure ring, consequently disposing of messiness on the dial and at the same time influencing the watch to look bigger on account of the raised rib along the face’s outskirts.

TAG_Heuer Carrera 1965

To wrap things up, the style that Jack Heuer considered for the Heuer Carrera likewise communicated his adoration for the present-day outline. He adored furniture by Le Corbusier and Charles Eames. He preferred Oscar Niemeyer’s design. Also, he accurately has foreseen that the blast in space travel would additionally reinforce the pattern toward clear outline.

Particularly the early puristic Carrera chronographs with their twin and triple subdials rank among the most nice looking watches at any point manufactured. Clients’ consequent solicitations for a tachymeter scale were in all actuality, which made the dial fairly more swarmed. Yet, the tachymeter was soon repositioned onto the inward pressure ring and the fifth-of-a-moment scale withdrew onto the dial.

The Carrera’s first gathering was at that point an overall achievement. By the mid-1960s, the inventory effectively incorporated the Carrera 12, Carrera 45, Carrera Tachy, Carrera Deci and Carrera Black models. A world debut followed in the mid-1970s with the introduction of the principal chronograph facilitating an advanced date show on a printed ring.

TAG Heuer Carrera 1969

The earliest Heuer Carreras needed manual winding. An automatic caliber for chronographs was not yet available, so Jack Heuer decided to develop one. To finance the necessarily enormous investment, he joined forces with appropriate competitors such as Willy Breitling, as well as Hans Kocher, the technical director of Buren Watch S.A. and Dubois-Dépraz S.A. The Hamilton manufacturer joined this trio later. The unveiling ensued simultaneously in Geneva and New York in 1969, when the illustrious team premiered Calibre 11, the world’s first automatic chronograph movement with microrotor. This pioneering achievement paved the way toward a bright future for Heuer’s chronographs – first and foremost the Carrera – for everyday use and motorsport.


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