6 Luxury Watch Brands for Men to carry in different occasion

Luxury Watch Brand Recommendation for Men

There is always a luxury watch for every occasion. Watch has been men’s number one accessory for a long time in the history of society. Your watch reflects elegance, strong character and a charming detail that everybody notices.

Now, you do not want to give the wrong impression by wearing a watch that is too sporty for an elegant event, or a watch that is too classy for a casual event. Therefore it is best to do a little research to pick the right watch for each occasion and be sure that you are portraying the right image.

It is okay to feel a bit overwhelmed, because there are a lot of different options and luxury watch brands offered in the market nowadays, especially because this luxurious accessory is quite pricy. It is an investment and therefore, it is smart to think through during the purchase process. The good thing is that your inner taste can be mixed with stylish products; and combined they let you buy the best watch for the occasion you have in mind. Just to take some pressure off you, here we have gathered 6 of the best watches for 6 different occasions:


  1. Formal Black Tie Event :

This is probably the occasion which motivates you the most to start considering watches. Cocktails, weddings, fancy dinners, business meeting are all part of the package when you begin to worry about style and accessories such as: watches. Johnson Watch recommends Jaeger LeCoulture Watches for such events. Known for their hundred of patents, thousands of calibres  and many inventions, Jaeger LeCoulture Watches were introduced in India by Johnson Watch Company. Available in Reverso, Rendez-Vous, Master, and many more JLC Watch Collection you can choose one here.

Jaeger LeCoulture Watches, perfect for Black Tie Event, Luxury Watches by Johnson Watch
Jaeger LeCoulture Watches, perfect for Black Tie Event


  1. The Boardroom:

This type of occasion has to do with standing out from the crowd without being too obvious. It should have a subtle touch of elegance, which reflects your good taste. Whether this attention is drawn on you by your colleagues, girls or boss, it is always a great impression to leave on others. This happens when your watch has the correct amount of character. A Breguet watch fits perfectly in this occasion. Breguet Watches Come in many Collection like Tradition, Classique, Classique Complication, etc. Also Breguet too was introduced in India by Johnson Watch.

Breguet Watches for Boardroom Meetings, Luxury Watches by Johnson
Breguet Watches for Boardroom Meetings



  1. Sports With Class:

If you thought that watches are only worn on elegant occasions think again, because there is a whole range of Sports watches, which are specifically designed for sports events. A lot of the sport watches have been developed based on the advice of athletes, which really give the watch an authentic touch for sporty occasions. A company that does justice with the need of Class with Sporty element is Hublot. Hublot Watches are very much known for their out of the box work with metals and which is what makes them perfect for such occasions. Hublot Big Bang, Classic Fusion are one of the most known and talked about collection.

Johnson Watch provides Hublot Watches even Hublot Limited Editions.

Hublot Watches for Sporty Event, Top Brand Watches
Hublot Watches for Sporty Event
  1. Everyday Wear:

Here comes the routine and daily situation watch. They can be worn to the office, to lunch-dinner and to an after-office night at the bar. So this is a daily-routine watch with enough distinctiveness to be suitable for every occasion throughout the day. A great example of this everyday watch brand is Tag Heuer. Known for their aggressive association with adventurous events and faces, Tag Heuer Watches are very much desired. Their collection include, Tag Heuer Carrera, Aquaracer, Monaco and their latest smart watch, Tag Heuer Connected. All of which are available in Tag Heuer Boutique in New Delhi by Johnson Watch.

Tag Heuer Watch for Everyday Wear, Luxury Watches by Johnson Watch
Tag Heuer Watch for Everyday Wear


  1. Date:

This is one of the most difficult occasions to pick a watch for, because you usually want to look elegant but not over the top. The watch you purchase for this occasion should be designed up to every detail but at the same time have a touch of freshness. The perfect fit for this versatile occasion can be a watch by Cartier. Cartier watches are one the most aspired luxury watch brands for casual occasions. The Cartier Collection include Drive De Cartier, Rotonde De Cartier, etc. Apparently, Cartier Watches too were introduced in India by Johnson Watch.

Cartier Watch for Date, Luxury Watches by Johnson Watch
Cartier Watch for Date
  1. Traveling:

You also need a travel watch because traveling can involve a browse of different unexpected occasions. For example, traveling can take you from the VIP waiting lounge bar before your boarding starts to a rush hour in a city you have not been to before, to a sudden business meeting so it is best to be prepared and feel comfortable in every situation while traveling.

Time is a basic thing when traveling, especially when you are making new contacts, getting to know new people, going to lunch at the famous restaurants in the city or closing business deals with clients. This type of watch is not only for business trips but also for family vacations. Another factor to keep in mind is not to exaggerate your accessories while traveling, so a simple yet elegant watch will fit perfectly. An example of such a luxury watch brand is the Panerai. Some Panerai Watches like Panerai GMT lets  you keep track of two time zones, which can be very helpful. The Panerai Watches Collection include Panerai Luminor, Panerai Radiomir, etc all of which are readily available at Johnson Watch Company.

Panerai Watches for Traveling, Luxury Watches by Johnson Watch
Panerai Watches for Traveling

Life has a wide browse of events, situations and unexpected things happening at all times so it is only better to have a specific watch for every occasion. At the same time, you can pick a watch that can get you through the whole day, even to a cocktail or a nice dinner after a day of work.

So, there really is an artistic process when coming up with the design of these watches. The bare fact that they have created one for each occasion already gives you an idea of how serious and important it is for the people involved in the brands to give you the best style possible for each occasion.


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