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Arnold & Son Watches | Now Available in New Delhi, India at Johnson Watch Co

Johnson Watch Company proudly present the legacy of John Arnold, Arnold & Son watches in India. Arnold and Son has a place with a select gathering of watchmaking organizations in Switzerland qualified for consider themselves a manufacture, a French expression saved solely for watchmakers who create and deliver their own developments in-house. The brand’s ability in the improvement and creation of in-house developments is reflected by an amazing accumulation of Arnold and Son gauges with an entire scope of refined entanglements. Some proportion of its accomplishment can be found in the way that somewhere around two new developments have been propelled every year: an uncommon accomplishment that puts Arnold and Son on an indistinguishable level from probably the most powerful produces in the watch business.

Each Arnold and Son Watch movement has its very own story to tell and mirrors the brand’s legacy. They run from the minute rehashing watch displayed to George III that solidified the originator’s notoriety, to the exact marine chronometers that made travel adrift such a great deal less dangerous and put the British Empire on course to an extension.

Arnold & Son Watches: The new luxury brand

Introducing such an exquisite Swiss luxury brand in India, Johnson Watch Co continues its legacy in the world of horology. The Luxury Watch Retailer in New Delhi, has been constantly upgrading its collection of exclusive timepieces to showcase the watch fanatics and aficionados. Bringing Arnold & Son on board was one such amazing experience.

Arnold & Son Watches Collections

Arnold & Son generally classify their watches in two categories:

  • Royal Collection – “Classic timepieces in the great English tradition”
  • Instrument Collection – “Combining marine precision with aesthetic perfection”


Arnold & Son Watches

Deftly demonstrating its British heritage and ingenuity in watchmaking, Arnold & Son unveils a totally new watch movement with unique architecture: the original Arnold & Son Time Pyramid wristwatch. With a skeletonized pyramid-shaped movement seemingly floating between two sapphire crystals, the Time Pyramid is a masterful rendition of technical prowess and unparalleled elegance. This superbly engineered wristwatch is part of the brand’s Instrument Collection that combines instrument precision with classical styling.

Arnold & Son Watches

The three-dimensional, openwork development and dial of the Arnold & Son Nebula offer perspectives into the simple heart of the in-house produce bore. Two origin barrels giving a solid 90 hours control save at the best, find close mirror symmetry with the little seconds show and dial-side equalization beneath.


Arnold & Son Watches

Arnold & Son Watches
Arnold & Son : Globetrotter

The new Arnold and Son Globetrotter is an eye-getting world time wristwatch, with a freely settable hour hand and a substantial 3-D Earth, demonstrating the Northern Hemisphere as observed from specifically over the North Pole. The Earth pivots once like clockwork to give a world time work against a concentric 24-hour ring.


Arnold & Son Watches

Arnold and Son aren’t timid about saying that the Eight-Day Royal Navy is their very own contestant into the “marine chronometer-inspired” wristwatch arena. This fragment isn’t super swarmed, however different brands like Ulysse Nardin Watches have a tendency to have more years of involvement in producing and delivering watches this way. All things considered, in the event that you take a gander at the minor subtle elements, at that point you’ll see that Arnold and Son are indeed bringing its own special marine chronometer-style watch to the table with the Arnold and Son Eight-Day Royal Navy.


Buy Arnold & Son Watches in New Delhi, India from Authorised Retailer: Johnson Watch Co.

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