Cartier Watches launch the Panthere de Cartier at SIHH 2017

Cartier Watches resurrect an Iconic Collection

Cartier Watches
are synonymous with true class and unparalleled elegance. These are just a few words that are never going to be enough to describe the level of magnificence that the Cartier Ladies Watches boast of. Cartier is one of the top watch brands that comes with an incredible range of watches to suit every taste. There are affordable ones and then there are those that are extremely expensive.

The Cartier Way

Every timepiece by Cartier Watches has an admirer and a buyer. From time immemorial, since the inception of this magnificent luxury brand, Cartier Watches have kept their promise of top notch quality and elegance.

Panthère de Cartier Watches

Let us explore the ethos of Panthere de Cartier which has been re-launched to bring back its old and luxurious charm:

  • The panther has been a fixation with Mr. Cartier since 1914, when he fell in love with ‘Woman With A Panther’ by George Barbier. Since then the panther became the symbol of Cartier Watches.
  • The Panthere de Cartier was one of the majestic creations among Cartier Ladies Watches which dates back to 1983. It was discontinued from production by Cartier Watches only in early 2000s and is now back with many models to suit every watch enthusiast.
  • Cartier Watches has re-launched the opulent Panthere watch collection. Which is now available in nine metal types and two sizes.
  • The two sizes of these Cartier Ladies Watches measure 22mm and 27mm in diameter. Cartier Watches, being one of the top watch brands boasts of immaculate craftsmanship in every timepiece they create. The designs of the Panthere collection are absolutely breathtaking.
  • The two sizes of these Cartier Watches have a square case and brick-lay bracelets. Since Cartier Ladies Watches are all about traditional class, they work on Quartz movement rather than any other technology used in watches these days.
  • The Panthere collection from Cartier Watches comes in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold with diamond bezels and animal spots in black enamel.
  • The affordable models of these Ladies Watches are available in plain steel and two tone steel while the high end Cartier Watches from this collection are studded with gems and diamonds.
  • None of the top Watch brands come close to Cartier where traditional class is concerned. Some models of the Panthere collection have a spotted panther motif on them. These elegant timepieces spell pure class, sophistication and style.

Cartier Ladies Watches

With so many variations available to choose from and flexible price points depending on the model the buyer chooses to purchase, Cartier has done a great job at keeping up with an elegant collection of Cartier Ladies Watches. The Panthere collection re-launch has been an incredible move on Cartier’s part to keep in line with its heritage and go on with its luxury laced legacy. This mesmerizing collection is admirable and awe-inspiring. The legendary Panthere collection gives you a taste of pristine design and unmatched quality. This breathtaking collection proves that there can be no other epitome of true elegance than Cartier Watches.

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