Top 4 Luxury Chronograph Timepieces Of 2016

Chronographs are defined as timepieces fitted with a recording device as a stylus and rotating drum. It is used to mark the exact instant of an occurrence. Chronograph luxury watches have a basic feature that it can act as a stop watch also. Check the list of chronograph luxury watch brands that will make you fall […]

Hollywood Superstars and Their Love For Luxury Watches!

Celebrities are trendsetters and we all follow their sense of style blindly. So, when they make any public appearance on or off work– shutterbugs catch them left, right and centre. And, when it comes to luxury watches, these celebs can give us some serious goals and how! Sylvester Stallone This Hollywood superstar was spotted wearing […]

Luxury Watches – Perfect Gift to Give on Father’s Day

Father’s Day Gifting Suggestions from Johnson Watch Company To sire, a baby is the most desirable and memorable choice of a man or woman that comes with a plethora of responsibilities. Life takes an interesting turn and you really get amazed at it. A person has to sacrifice all his favourite things to spend a […]


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