The Charming Bird by Jaquet Droz Watches is here to hypnotize

Jaquet Droz Watches have been unique in many ways, be it technology or design. They have never been repetitive and have always tried to merge other aspects of technology with watch making. The Charming Bird collection by Jaquet Droz Watches is a limited edition of exquisite timepieces built on the antique technology that was used to create artificial singing birds. This merger is magnificent in both, concept and reality.

Here is how this one from the stable of Jaquet Droz Watches will mesmerize you completely.

  • When one activates the Charming Bird in this limited edition, a picturesque animated bird figure sings. The system of the Charming Bird singing in this limited edition timepiece by the Jaquet Droz Watches uses complex mechanisms, materials and advanced technology to make it happen.

  • The bellow tubes are made of sapphire crystal and the pistons are made of carbon in this model by Jaquet Droz Watches. The sound of the Charming Bird here is controlled by the apparatus of tube and piston, depending on their size and speed. The pistons are moving with different speeds to create different notes and make the limited edition timepiece sound like a bird.

  • The Charming Bird from Jaquet Droz Watches is 47mm in width and is made in 18K white and red gold. The breathtaking limited edition timepiece is clearly for those who love showcasing unique designs and mechanisms. It is very unique and eye catching but is not very high on utility as it focuses more on the display.
  • The Charming Bird by Jaquet Droz Watches will be more of a display and collectible limited edition timepiece as opposed to one that will be worn regularly. The pristine timepiece can be used and worn to show off the incredible technology and unique concept that Jaquet Droz Watches have to offer.
  • The power reserve of the limited edition Charming Bird is 38 hours and the movement operates on 3Hz. The singing bird action in this model by Jaquet Droz Watches is mesmerizing to say the least. So many distinct parts rotate to bring this bird alive where it flaps its wings and moves its beak. This limited edition watch makes such a delightful sight, you wouldn’t want to look away.

With Platinum made oscillating weight, #TheCharmingBird was the show stealer last evening at #JohnsonWatchCo.Priced at 2.6 Cr. this #JaquetDroz timepiece definitely stole watch enthusiasts' heart.

Posted by Johnson Watch Company on Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Charming Bird by Jaquet Droz Watches is a rich kid’s toy since it is high on grandeur and charm but does not quite meet the requirements of utility for daily use. However, for the extremely resplendent mechanism of the bird singing, it is very hard to not wish to purchase this beautiful limited edition timepiece called the Charming Bird. There are only 28 timepieces of the Charming Bird by Jaquet Droz Watches, available in 18K white gold and 28 other in 18K red gold.

Jaquet Droz Charming Bird
Jaquet Droz Charming Bird

Priced at 380,000 Swiss Francs, this limited edition beauty by Jaquet Droz Watches is exorbitant. However, you can’t expect such an incredible amalgamation of nature and technology at a price lower than that. This one is a collectible and you ought to have it if you love the innovation of the Charming Bird here.

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