Inside the Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light

The Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light from Rado Watches is one such exotic timepiece that defines subtlety in luxury. Its pristine design, the incredibly sleek appearance and the feel is unapologetically effortless. There is not too much happening and that is exactly the point this watch conveys; a timepiece can do all of it for you without any complications. Among men’s luxury watches, this one steals the limelight in sophistication and extreme elegance. At Johnson Watch Co, you can find this breathtaking model by Rado Watches. Since it is a limited edition model and men’s luxury watches have a tendency to run out of stock soon, you need to purchase it really soon, if this ‘High on utility’ model by Rado Watches has to become a part of your luxury watch collection.

Rado Watches HyperChrome Ultralight
Rado HyperChrome Ultralight

Here are some things you need to know about this masculine beauty called Hyperchrome Ultra Light by Rado Watches:

  • Made of three unbelievably light materials namely, silicon nitride ceramic, anodized aluminum and hardened titanium. Hence, the name Ultra Light. The design of this one from Rado Watches is minimalistic and this makes it extremely wearable and flaunt-worthy.
Rado Watches Award Winning Ultralight
Rado Watches Award Winning Ultralight
  • This one among men’s luxury watches, boasts of an index free dial and the timepiece is immersed in gray monochromes. The silicon nitride lends this awe-inspiring tint to this resplendent watch. The Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light case is made of ceramic and the well textured dial has concentric grooves. The case is 43mm in diameter and super light on the wrist. The strap of the Hyperchrome Ultra Light by Rado Watches is super light and classy as well.
  • This limited edition timepiece by Rado Watches weighs only 56 grams, including its NATO strap. It has an unapologetic unisex appeal to it. Moreover, it has an extremely impressive power reserve of 65 hours. At Johnson Watch Co, you can help your urge to own this one among other men’s luxury watches by purchasing it.

Rado Watches

  • The Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light by Rado Watches has a Zen-inspired look which is hard to not fall in love with. This is apt for those who understand the ‘less is more’ theory and believe in subtlety in luxury.
  • This one in men’s luxury watches is surprisingly affordable at $2850 and is a limited edition Rado Watches model with only 500 pieces out there for the watch connoisseur in you to leap for. Pick yours at Johnson Watch Co because there is no chance that you should leave for this to run out of stock.

This extremely refined invention by Rado Watches is a must buy for elegant timepiece enthusiasts. For buyers who are not into chunky men’s luxury watches and would rather prefer understated extravagance, The Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light by Rado Watches is just the right choice. Whether you wish to buy it for yourself or gift it to someone, it is one of those extremely affordable luxury watches that you shouldn’t let go of. Especially, when the edition is limited, you should know you’re running out of time already!

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