Montblanc Summit 2

New Luxury SmartWatch : Montblanc Summit 2 #StayAhead

The second generation of the luxury smartwatch by Montblanc Watches, Summit 2 is an absolute beauty. One can actually see the timepiece now hitting the same level of refinement that you’d find in, say, their pens or mechanical watches. In the lifestyle full of travel, health, and exploration, as the brand says, Montblanc Summit 2 helps you stay ahead.

Montblanc SmartWatch Summit 2

Summit 2: Smartwatch by Montblanc

The Summit 2 is indifferent from the primary Summit. It now has a smaller case more as per what you’d find in an ordinary present-day sports watch (at 42mm), however, it is getting a hair thicker at the same time. There are furthermore a group of different case materials and finishes and 11 exceptional straps, allowing customers to make absolutely what they want, to suit their style. Basically notwithstanding, the movements aren’t just surface-level. There’s more RAM (which suggests the watch will be continuously responsive), more introduced internal memory (so you can keep that playlist synchronized), and this is the first smartwatch accessible to feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor, which implies it should be one of the snappiest open. Diverse upgrades fuse the development of an NFC chip for making a contactless payment, the addition of the Google Assistant, and another Montblanc-world class application called “Timeshifter” that is proposed to empower you to fight stream slack. In short, this is feature-packed.

montblanc Summit 2 features
Montblanc Summit 2 features: Luxury Smartwatch

Coming in a price bracket of 1000$ and more, this definitely is competing with Tag Heuer Connected  and top end Apple Watch.


Timeshifter App

The exclusive Montblanc Timeshifter app provides personalized advice to minimise the effects of jet lag. It’s based on proven science and used by astronauts and elite athletes and helps you adapt to other time zones. Adjust quickly to the new time zone thanks to caffeine intake advice or the ideal sleeping and light exposure schedule.


Montblanc Coach Running App

The exclusive Montblanc Running Coach app analyses your current fitness level (based on VO2 max) and provides a personalized training plan to reach your fitness & health goal. The integrated live coach encourages users and helps them reach the right pace and level of effort in order to obtain their fitness goal. The Running Coach watch face visualizes current fitness levels and heart rate for visual support while exercising.


Montblanc Watches and Accessories are exclusively available for sale, preview and bookings at Johnson Watch Co, in Delhi.



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