Montblanc introduces Augmented Paper : Best Luxury Smart Note Pad

What is Montblanc Augmented Paper?

Being classy and being state of the art are two things the whole world is running behind. Montblanc has been doing the first since a century and now entered into state of the art segment starting with Montblanc e-Strap. Now the Luxury Brand have come up with another new addition in their Luxury Accessories, Montblanc Augmented Paper. A smart note pad which makes anything you write down accessible through out all your digital devices, may it be Android/iOS or even cloud backup. Revolutionising the writing for your business as well as personal usage.

Augmented Paper : A brief introudction

Comprised of paper notebook and Monblanc StarWalker Ballpoint Pen, Augmented Paper takes the traditional art of handwriting into the digital world. It allows you  to write on digital paper and yet access your handwritten notes on digital devices like Mobile or Tablets.

  • You can write, sketch or draw on the paper notebook like any other notepad
  • Your all writing and sketches will be recorded by the digitizer
  • Press one button and all your data and notes will be transmitted to your Mobile device via Bluetooth LE
  • Convert your handwritten notes into digital text and edit them via Montblanc Hub App
  • Edit, Store and organize your notes on mobile devices
  • Share your files via cloud

Available in 2 different colour, black and blue ( Blue is UNICEF Limited Edition), Augmented Paper is a Suave companion for anyone who is looking for something that gets the Job done.

Augmented Paper Specification:

Featuring a black leather envelope, Montblanc Augmented Paper includes the electronic digitizer, a StarWalker writing instrument, a notebook with lined paper, a USB cable to charge the device, 3 ballpoint refills and tweezers to exchange the refills.

The handwriting recognized by this is in 15 languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Handwritten notes can be translated into digital text for better searching, editing and sharing.

How to use Montblanc Augmented Paper
How to use Augmented Paper

In addition the Augmented Paper also allows for the easy organization of each document. Multiple number of notes can be tagged and searched for when using the Montblanc Hub, the application that also features a note-taking function which can be used independently from the Augmented Paper and digitally integrates the writing feeling of a Montblanc pen. Files can be transferred and notes edited when the Augmented Paper is connected, the app can also be used to create digital notes when it is not connected.

Currently Available at our Montblanc Outlet by Johnson Watch Co, Augmented Paper is priced at 56,000 INR.

Order your Augmented Paper in India today at our outlet in Connaught Place New Delhi.

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