Shining bright as a rose with TAG Heuer Connected

Most expensive luxury smartwatch?

A year back, a very special TAG Heuer watch was launched which is one of the most expensive luxury smartwatch. The TAG Heuer Connected smart watch which is still a rising star in the segment of the combination of luxury and technology.

Tag Heuer Connected Watch
Tag Heuer Connected

Connected The Majestic Tag Heuer Watch

It is one of the major Swiss players in the industry which introduced the exceptionally intelligent smart watch which teamed up with technological giants Intel and Google.

The spellbinding effect of Tag Heuer Connected makes you feel so complete but it would have been nearly impossible to bring this exceptional Tag Heuer watch into the world without two extremely powerful companies Google and Intel.

Connected Watch on Hands

Ever since the TAG Heuer Connected was launched, it has only spread its wings far and wide to capture those who love the of taste technology without letting go of luxury. Among sports watches for men, this is one high profile watch that has everything a tech and luxury enthusiast needs and is now also available in Rose gold!

The smartwatch industry has seen a lot of variants coming in from various brands and TAG Heuer could definitely not be an exception. Considering a TAG Heuer watch is already a timepiece garnering attention from men and women alike, it boasts of a gigantic demand. A TAG Heuer ladies watch is as much a piece of admiration as is a TAG Heuer watch for men. So there is a huge yet niche market for such an incredible timepiece that you can count as a collectible TAG Heuer.

The TAG Heuer watch can be compared to Apple’s smart watch when it comes to the technological aspect of it. Apple is a premium brand in technology that has pioneered the concept of smart watches whereas TAG Heuer can be considered the gateway for luxury brands to take the plunge into the smart watch industry.

The smart watch trend is not a new thing for the tech industry and has been around for quite some time now but luxury brands are still catching up. When it comes to sports watches for men, the TAG Heuer watch definitely is a priority in almost every man’s wish list and the connected range of watches has only grown this further, making its way into everyone’s wish list.

The TAG Heuer watch that is yet another addition to everyone’s dream is the one in Rose gold that was launched recently. The 18K Rose gold beauty is everything a person needs, to add the touch of opulence to a sports watch from a luxury brand.

The TAG Heuer watch in Rose gold does just that and much more. This burst of brilliance will cost you a whopping $9,999 and for anyone who has the passion for TAG heuer watch and the money to spend on tech coupled with luxury, this is just about affordable. The wearer and owner of this luxurious TAG Heuer watch is definitely going to make a statement and that probably is the purpose of this watch.

The few affluent ones that will own this beauty will walk around flaunting the power of luxury and tech on one wrist. This is just another milestone for the luxury watch industry as the amalgamation of tech and luxury is unarguably the best one ever.

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