Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Watch Launched by Tissot Brand

As a luxury watch making brand, the Tissot is highly reputed in the market and the manufacture’s watch is owned by most of the big stars and celebrities. The name is known for offering the best watches that are made by using the latest technology that makes it the best and one of the most preferred names in the market. It is backed by the best engineers in the world who are known for making the finest watches in the entire universe. Every single watch is made by using the latest advancement in the timepieces with the help of the avant-garde mechanism. After preparing the timepiece, it is gone through the stringent testing process and if it does not pass the testing then there is no chance that the watch is launched in the market. Tissot watch brand has introduced several notable releases and now it has brought a new wave to create a wow impression in the market. Name of the model is Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette and it is another reasonable addition in the list of the manufacturer.

Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Tissot Watch

The Skeleton Look

By introducing the skeleton look all the brands have nailed down the highest end of the expensive watch spectrum. These watches are quite different in comparison of other counterparts and that is why, it is preferred by those classy people who want to have something unusual on their wrist and by this way, wants to catch the eyeball of the passerby. One issue exists with the watch i.e. reading the time as the wearer can see all the mechanism or parts of the timepiece and at that time seeing the time is not a breeze.

The Used Parts

Rose gold make it the high cost watch at the same instant and that is why, when you have it on your wrist, you are going to boast of your wealth without saying any single word. All the parts are made in the factory of Tissot itself and they are checked for several times to ensure the quality and that is why, there is no doubt about the quality and it will give you the result that you wanted to have from a luxury branded watch.

The Price

The watch can be bought by paying around $2,050 that is quite reasonable for such a nice watch and it is the most perfect among the same type of timepiece, launched by any other brand. It is water resistant and there is no need to get drenched in rain and since the case is made up of stainless steel so it is scratch resistant too. That is why, it will look like a new one for even decades.

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