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In the series of high end watch buying guide, the third and last article covers most expensive watches which cost above 20,000$. This watch buying guide is dedicated to a very niche audience who know their watches or atleast are willing to consider. The high end level watches are generally for the copious and high end customers. They have an absolute idea of the new and innovative watches that are being launched. This genre is experienced in buying luxury watches, hence have an idea about what qualities should be kept in mind while purchasing the luxury watches. The top watch brands have an extremity and tend to have certain attributes. Certain factors should be considered while an ultra high-end watch is purchased.

high end watch buying guide

Looking for a high end luxury watch buying guide? Read these must have features in the timepiece:

  1. High End Metal
    The big budget watches are manufactured using the standard material. For instance, a top watch brand that makes an 18k gold versus titanium. Which one is going to have more value in the abstract? Not only that, but it is a good idea to investigate how much precious metals are used. Parts of the case? All of the case? Are the hands and hour markers gold? Luxury watches above $20,000 should have the decent amount of metal used during its creation. Commonly used metals are different colors of metals (pink, red, white) also platinum is used. Origination of stone is really important, two options are natural stones or manufactured ones. Natural stones are formed in a conventional manner whereas manufactured stones are formed in the lab, the most fashionable stone in the best men’s watches used is sapphires. Color, the size of the stone and total amount of carrot should be asked while purchasing an expensive watch.
  2. Production and the Seal of Geneva
    Mostly the former companies have movement suppliers. European watchmaker is the most popular ETA and is a part of large Swatch Group, this comprises different types of decoration that a watchmaker may incorporate. You’ll find that the top houses such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Sohne, among others each make their own movements.
    The seal certifies the quality and origination of the luxury watches, the Seal of Geneva is positioned on some watches which have movements. They are created and gathered in the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland. The best men’s watches that are possessed with the Seal of Geneva are highly majestic.
  3. Watch Complications
    The extortionate watches not only tell the time but tell other interesting hitches like perpetual calendars, rattrapante chronographs, sonneries, fusee and chains, moon phases, and multiple time zones along with world timers. These specifications are not available in the watches that are below $20,000.
  4. Time Taking Assembly and Limited Edition
    High end timepieces are hand made and sometimes even a team of master watch makers are required. These watches may take months and even year or more in some special cases. Also, if a watch comes with this price tag, it for sure have to be a limited edition. As a owner, the feeling of exclusivity have to be there.A grandeur commodity should be deluxe and special.
  5. A Smart Investment
    Those high end watch buyers should invest in those top watch brands which have the caliber to increase its worth. Models like Patek Phillipe and Rolex increase in value whereas, it is difficult for other brands to raise its value. These instructions will help you find a fashionable, luxurious and a limited edition. It will give you a wide knowledge of the specifications of watches in which you desire to invest.

All said and done, every high end watch should come from a reliable channel. This means an authorized and well vetted retailer or the boutique or the brand directly. In case of more information, please contact us.


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