Entry level Luxury Watch buying guide by Johnson Watch Co

Most welcome to the first and foremost of the trilogy of Luxury Watch Buying Guide. This will include not only an overview for entry level watch newbies but would also entertain the luxury watches experts and fanatics.

In this tech world before buying anything, we check the reviews, compare and then buy the best product. Especially when it comes to buying luxury watches, we usually check and compare all the top watch brands. What makes a perfect watch, is a difficult question to answer as it depends on an individual’s style, like/dislike, priority of features and of course budget. The trilogy of Watch Buying Guide is an attempt to help you make the perfect choice in buying your best luxury watch from the best men’s watches.

The first in the trilogy is what we call an entry level segment of luxury watches where will we look at the best features in the best mens watches starting from $300 and above. It is a broad range which offers the probably the largest selection of watches in it. Budget is something very important before you buy a luxury, and if $3oo and above is something that you can spend for then you should spot the below mentioned features before making a buy –

Entry Level Luxury Watch Buying Guide
Entry Level Luxury Watch Buying Guide



A watch crystal is a transparent cover which is over the face of the watch. Despite the usage of different materials in the making of it, only a few crystal materials have topped the list of making luxury for top watch brands. To be precise, there are only two types of crystals dominating the todays market – Mineral Glass and Synthetic Sapphire crystals. The former one are cheaper but expensive Sapphire crystals are scratch resistant and more desirable.

Remember, the better the watch, the thicker sapphire crystal will be!



Ofcourse, you need a solid metal built watch. One should spot for steel watches made from grade 316L stainless steel with a watch case and bracelet links made out of solid pieces of metal and not plastic.



Both Switzerland and Japan are known for making quality watch movements but Swiss movements are to be preferred as they come from ETA or Ronda, especially if they are quartz movements.



When purchasing, entry level luxury watches, you need to be sure of its solid construction. The strap or bracelet should fit to the case and not feel flimsy or poorly sized. A high quality watch doesn’t make too much noise and is assembled in a tight-fitting manner.



Weight is often taken as a sign of quality. The top watch brands use materials such as titanium which are lighter than steel making luxury watches expensive but light in weight.

Remember look for grade 5 quality of titanium!



You should spot a watch which is designed using fundamental watch design principles that value function AND form. All the features should be figured out properly, take time and check all of the components of the dial.


These above mentioned features are a must for entry level luxury watches segment in the top watch brands of best men watches.

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