Watch Care Guide : An Exclusive Step by Step from Johnson

How to care/service your luxury watches?

A watch is a precision instrument made up of hundreds of tiny parts, and is subjected to many mechanical and environmental effects. It must be operated correctly and serviced regularly to maintain its performance, reliability and appearance. Follow these steps to do proper watch care.

We recommend that you have your watch care and serviced by an authorised retailer every two to three years, alternating between a maintenance and complete service.

Following are step by step guide, how to maintain your timepiece:

Cleaning your watch

  • When you remove your watch, wipe off moisture and perspiration with a soft cloth.
  • Clean your water-resistant watch regularly with a damp cloth without wetting the leather strap
  • Before any contact with water, ensure that the crown is properly pushed in against the case
  • Do not expose the watch to heat sources

Your watch needs servicing and regular attention. Full watch care service available at #JohnsonWatchCo

Posted by Johnson Watch Company on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Winding your watch and setting the time

  • To ensure optimum performance, we recommend that you fully wind your mechanical watch once a day, ideally at the same time each day.
  • When you wind it, make sure you do not force the crown when it stops, as this could seriously damage the movement.
  • To ensure the continuous operation of your self-winding watch, it must be worn every day. If not, simply give the crown a dozen or so turns before putting it on your wrist.

Your watch needs servicing and regular attention. Full watch care service available at #JohnsonWatchCo

Posted by Johnson Watch Company on Sunday, May 28, 2017


Leather straps

We recommend that you change your strap every six to twelve months, depending on the conditions of its use.

To provide maximum protection for your leather, we recommend you note the following points:

  • Contact with water or exposure to high humidity can affect the material and cause discolouration
  • Extended exposure to direct sunlight can impair the colour and quality of the leather
  • Cosmetics or oily products can stain the leather, as it is a permeable product.

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Posted by Johnson Watch Company on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Magnetic fields on your watch

In everyday life, we increasingly come into contact with magnetic fields. They can affect the correct operation of your watch. While they will not actually damage your watch, they can nonetheless lessen its precision or even cause it to stop.

We therefore recommend you avoid placing your watch near any object that gives off a magnetic field, such as magnets, magnetic clasps on handbags, TVs or speakers. Ofcourse unless its an Omega Globemaster, “Wink- Wink”

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Posted by Johnson Watch Company on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


How To Store Your Watch

Once your watch is properly cleaned and maintained, it’s just as important to store your timepiece correctly when it’s not in use. There are two options for storing your luxury watch:

  • Safely tucked away in either its original packaging or in a high quality watch box away from other metals that can scratch it is always a safe bet.
  • For more serious watch collectors with several automatic mechanical timepieces to their name, a watch winder is the ideal storage solution.


Even after religiously following all this, you watch still need a visit to Service Centre every couple of years. Why? So that it lasts longer enough for your family to cherish. Also with time, watches tend to appreciate in their values. There are timepieces sold for millions of dollars. Imagine if they weren’t working? Who would buy them?

Well, do not hesitate to call us or visit our luxury watch service centre.

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